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December 5, 2016

We offer some com­mu­nity work­shops for any­one to attend and learn about poverty. If you are inter­ested in bring­ing poverty aware­ness train­ing to your group or orga­ni­za­tion, please con­tact us at, or (971) 599‑3093.

Check out our upcom­ing com­mu­nity work­shop dates:

Poverty Sim­u­la­tion Work­shop
Feb. 24, 2017, 8:00AM — 12:00PM (Port­land, OR)
Work­shop Details: The poverty sim­u­la­tion is a learn­ing tool that will help you gain a bet­ter under­stand­ing of the daily real­i­ties of poverty. Dur­ing the sim­u­la­tion, par­tic­i­pants role-play the lives of peo­ple expe­ri­enc­ing poverty. The sim­u­la­tion enables par­tic­i­pants to look at poverty from a vari­ety of angles and and then to rec­og­nize and dis­cuss the poten­tial for change within the com­mu­nity.
Reg­is­tra­tion Fee: $25. NOTE: Reg­is­tra­tion fee is waived for par­tic­i­pants who vol­un­teer as ser­vice providers, or who vol­un­teer in other capac­i­ties. See below for more detail.
RSVP: Click here to RSVP to attend. Advanced reg­is­tra­tion is required. If you are inter­ested in vol­un­teer­ing to play a ser­vice provider role or to help with setup, reg­is­tra­tion, or take-down, please con­tact us at for more infor­ma­tion. All vol­un­teers will have their reg­is­tra­tion fees waived.

Brown Bag: Types of Poverty
Date & Loca­tion To Be Announced
Work­shop Details: Get a taste of Poverty Aware­ness Train­ing dur­ing our brown bag series! In this brown bag, we will be cov­er­ing dif­fer­ent types of poverty, the diver­sity of poverty expe­ri­ences, and bar­ri­ers and strengths that each poverty expe­ri­ence might bring. Because our brown bags hap­pen dur­ing the lunch hour, please feel free to bring a lunch or snack dur­ing the ses­sion!
Reg­is­tra­tion Fee: Free
RSVPDetails will be announced shortly on how to RSVP!


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  • The training taught me to “manage what I have better and be more aware of the stress level it causes to not be able to meet ‘your’ needs.” (Poverty Awareness Training participant)